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Custom Hand-Painted Shoes: Disney Princesses - Okay I love how Belle, Rapunzel, and Ariel have their princes and it's all romantic, and then there's Merida aka i want these!

i never thought about it like that

Disney Beast Age Analysis by ~Xibira on deviantART I had this same thought when seeing it in the theaters with my friend and I asked her and she's like no! so I was right!

Belle and her gown were inspired from Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday LOVE them both

Audrey Hepburn used as a model for animators when creating the Disney character Belle from the 1991 film, Beauty and the Beast, the ball gown Belle wears is directly inspired by the royal gown Audrey Hepburn wore in the 1953 film Roman Holiday

Tale as old as time.

Can You Finish The Disney Lyrics?

Beauty and the Beast This has always been my ,absolute favorite Disney Princess Movie! I always loved how Belle was smart and pretty, and how she wasnt afraid to be different, and how courageous she was, and how she saw deeper than skin deep! LOVE it!

Fun fact:  Did you know belle is the only person to wear blue in the village?

Belle was color-keyed so that she was the only person in the whole village who wore the color blue to show that she was different from everyone else. She later meets the Beast, who also wore blue.