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Who Gave the Baby Bath Salts?

Little: this is that picture I was telling you about (at the party). Don't underestimate a zombie baby.

Freakiest kids | The Freakiest Comments Kids Have Ever Made to Their Parents (13 pics ...

The 13 Creepiest Things A Child Has Ever Said To A Parent. Some of these are hilarious, kids are so weird sometimes

Reasons you shouldn't reenact pinterest pictures - nailed it

Reasons you shouldn't reenact pinterest pictures

very funny

WATCH: Interview With A One-Year-Old

Super Funny Interview with a One Year Old! These parents are awesome. This is seriously the funniest thing ever. so freaking precious.

My virginity

My virginity

Ginger Afro (i don't know why people with red hair get such a bad rap, i LOVE red hair, it's so unique! (The other ginger Afro)

Irony. Louis C. K.!!!

Ellen Fapper from Christians Against Masturbation - hahahahaha nominative determinism at work?

I cannot WAIT until I have an I- Phone and then all of my friends with I phones will get whale texts!

its funny. but sad tht it says to like or a whale dies. causee i doubt thatss true. but the whales are funy haha" pre-poster A baby whale wil die.

Souless Funny Redhead Ginger Joke/ that is soon messed up but I laughed!

Funny pictures about They called me soulless. Oh, and cool pics about They called me soulless. Also, They called me soulless.