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Obama Se Plantea Dejar 3.000 Soldados en Afganistán en 2015

Taliban militants, disguised in foreign uniforms, attack Afghan presidential compound

Very seldom does a post come along with this level of insight into what is really happening, so I pray you’ll take the time to watch the videos, and share the post with loved ones. If you take advantage of what is provided, I am unequivocally SURE...

Pentagon say they are expecting huge mass civil unrest in America

Türkiye’de İmalat Sektörü PMI Ocakta Gerileme Kaydetti http://www.fxevi.com/turkiyede-imalat-sektoru-pmi-ocakta-gerileme-kaydetti.html

HSBC Bank limits large cash withdrawals without proof of intent: report - Washington Times

Priest Abuse Scandals: Monsignor William Lynn. On March 27, 2012, Monsignor Lynn leaves the Criminal Justice Center, in Philadelphia. He, accused of moving predator-priests to unwitting parishes, testified May 23 that he had no authority to make priest transfers. He says he could only remove a priest who admitted abusing a minor, and says he otherwise made recommendations for the cardinal. He is testifying in the 9th week of his child-endangerment and conspiracy trial.

Catholic Priest Caught With Pantless 15-Year-Old, Police Say

High-Ranking Priest in Philadelphia Faces Years in Jail for Protecting Pedophile Priest

Skittles and Tea: The weapons that would begin a debate in America.

Skittles Releases Statement On Trayvon Martin’s Murder

Sikh and tired... Sikhs against Islamic atrocities https://www.facebook.com/SikhsAgainstIslamicOppression

sikh tired sikh tired being called - evolveStar Search - I Am Sikh And Tired

Michael Brown Memorial Burned, Ferguson Riots Erupt Again [Video]

Protesters return to Ferguson streets after Michael Brown memorial burns - The Washington Post

China's 'leftover women' choosing to stay single. To show strength and honor doesn't mean being married.

China's 'leftover women' choosing to stay single

After years of being badgered by her parents to get married, Zhang Yu finally had enough.

Islamic terrorism sure is profitable: Hamas gets $5 billion in aid (including your tax dollars) Written by Allen West on October 15, 2014.  We're paying a submission tax, pure and simple.

If Israel is an apartheid state, how come Arabs serve in the Knesset?

Al menos un muerto y 27 hospitalizados Tras Fuga de Monóxido en Restaurante de Nueva York

Al menos un muerto y 27 hospitalizados Tras Fuga de Monóxido en Restaurante de Nueva York