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Who is David Wolfe?

Who is David Wolfe? He has taught in front of thousands and is a living example of how natural ingredients can help heal and prevent diseases in the world.

David Wolfe - Simplest Weight Loss Secret Revealed - YouTube

It's amazing how almost nobody does this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach Start the morning with at least 1 liter of spring water, which once you have finished drinking, wait at

“The longest lived people in the world are olive oil consumers.” Watch this great video by David Wolfe about the amazing health benefits of olive oil. http://youtu.be/M3WWCecPQUE

Secret of the Longest-Lived People in the World!

David Wolfe is the rock star of raw foods & super-foods of health

David Wolfe is the rock star of raw foods & super-foods of health, Video library

Super Brain-Charging Herb: Mucuna - David Wolfe and Ron Teeguarden LIVE at the Longevity Intensive 2012

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The Secret Color Code of Foods / David Wolfe & Longevity Warehouse

▶ Gaiam TV Inspirations - David Wolfe Reveals Energy Elixir Recipe! - YouTube

David Wolfe demonstrates how to make his secret Energy Elixir, a super-smoothie that rejuvenates and energizes the body and mind. David lives a remarkably bu.

Fast Secrets # http://fastsecrets-clubs.com/category/diet-exercise/

Love David Wolfe and this movie, Food Matters has made a big difference in mine and my families life.

DAVID WOLFE Host Best-selling author, nutrition and alternative health expert

David Wolfe brings you 15 HD power packed, fun, informative and instantly applicable nutrition education video lessons in his free e-course at the BodyMind Institute.