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Tres heridos es el saldo de un tiroteo en Louisiana

Tres heridos es el saldo de un tiroteo en Louisiana

#Capital colocará gratis las vacunas contra el meningococo y el HPV para varones - Tiempo de San Juan: Tiempo de San Juan Capital colocará…

County Seizes 2 Children Because They’re Not Vaccinated Parents whose children are taken by social workers can fight back against th.

FBI Investigate Child Sex Ring Within US Police Force via @worldtruthtv

Hundreds of people admitted to the United States as refugees are the subjects of FBI counterterrorism investigations involving ISIS – including some individuals from countries cited on President Trump’s revised travel ban.

AMET apresa conductor de camión pasó por encima a motocicleta de agente intentó fiscalizarlo por obstruir tránsito

school cashier arraigned for allegedly misappropriating in Makurdi, Benue State.

How Egypt’s soccer fans became enemies of the state - The Washington Post

How Egypt’s soccer fans became enemies of the state

Ultras -- die-hard soccer fans -- have played a role in Egypt's turbulent politics.

Apresan en Louisiana a dos agentes por muerte de niño

Louisiana police arrest 2 officers in boy's shooting death - This booking photo provided by the Louisiana State Police shows Marksville City Marshal Derrick Staf. - Louisiana State Police via AP

Marijuana raid suspects released Two women are to appear in court at a later date, a rally held outside the jail protests the police action | Hemp Beach TV Stoner News & Television Network HBTV Stoner Television Network

On a roll, Anslinger then pushed for even tougher drug laws and got President Eisenhower on board. The Narcotic Control Act put marijuana in.

Vocabulario: Sustantivo 2, Cárcel- un lugar para mantener a las personas que violan la ley

High Times has started a petition calling for the release of marijuana prisoners that are being held in prison for non-violent, marijuana only offenses.

Smart Meter inventado por Gustavo Fossati en 2005. Concebido para mejorar la calidad de enseñanza de la ciencia, el pequeño aparato (115×77x45 milímetros), permite medir y registrar valores de magnitudes físicas (velocidad, aceleración, tiempo).

Grandes inventos e inventores argentinos

Two Women Arrested Defending Homes from Smart Meter Installation

Muere en una redada policial autor intelectual de los ataques a París

Victims lay on the pavement in a Paris restaurant, Friday, Nov. Police officials in France on Friday reported a shootout in a Paris restaurant and an explosion in a bar near a Paris stadium. It was unclear if the events were linked.