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Minor Disasters - Ryan Dineen - Ingram Gallery

Minor Disasters - Ryan Dineen - Ingram Gallery

Ryan Pikart - Amazing portraits!!!

Self or friend portrait with patterning - image inspiration: Miss Moss Ryan Pickart (reminds me of Klimt)

Rob Ryan ! Love love love!

Rob Ryan's Lost Paper Cuts

Rob Ryan: I love rob Ryan's papercut work and I like how he uses words aswell as images in his work It looks do detailed and looks like a lot of effort has been put into all his papercut artwork.

Rob Ryan ♥ This is my absolute favourite piece, just wish i could afford it :)                                                                                                                                                      More

Cut out and keep: The artist behind the intricate paper works romancing the world with emotionally-charged messages

Paper Cut by Rob Ryan "You are my universe. Moons circle planets and planets circle stars, stars and galaxies rotate eternally and you and I circle each other for you are my universe entirely and I will always be yours.

Ryan Hewett's 'Untitled' @ The Unit London - beautiful.bizarre magazine

The encapsulating work of South African artist Ryan Hewett evokes a nearly tangible sense of both realism and abstract portraiture.

tumblr_nvmefqUCz11uq69iuo1_400.jpg 400 × 511 pixlar

painted ladies by ryan pickart. Like a modern day Klimt. "Odette," by American artist Ryan Pickart Often misattributed to Gustav