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THE DETOXING POWER OF THE LEMON (extremly healthy and also tastes good) :D PS: NO PAIN NO GAIN (Limited Edition) T-Shirt Only Available For 14 More Days! I Personally Designed It For All You Fitness...

Fresh lemon juice added to a of water in the a. is a great liver detoxifier & cleanses the kidneys & the digestive system. Lemon contains citric acid, which can be effective in treating acne. The vitamin C found in it is vital for that healt

Another Pinner said:This raw ginger lemon tonic is a LIFESAVER if you have a cold! Whip this up and you will be feeling better in NO time. I get SOOO many emails about this recipe from people RAVING about how it helped them.

Ginger Lemon Cold and Flu Tonic

Raw ginger lemon tonic: cup fresh lemon juice 3 cups warm filtered water cup raw organic honey (local if possible - read my note in the post) 1 Tbsp freshly grated ginger Dissolve the raw honey in the warm water. Place everything in the blender

Detox water

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Laundry Tips! | DRESSED TO A T

Laundry Tips!

Quick Tips For Making Colors Brighter & Whites Whiter.pinner: I just used the Mild Bleach recipe today on our whites cup of lemon juice and cup of baking soda), and OMG! I love it!

Lemon Essential Oil Uses & Benefits!

Lemon Essential Oil is used to fight against oily skin and hair. Lemon Essential Oil strengthens your nails and can help fight against nail fungus. Lemon Essential Oil has anti-depressant qualities and is used to treat anxiety

20 Uses for lemon

20 Alternative Uses of Lemons There’s so much more to lemons than just using them in cooking and making lemonade! Here’s a selection of handy tips.

For more beauty tips just click the picture !   Lemon uses and tips.

For more beauty tips just click the picture ! Lemon uses and tips.