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Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Series #2)

Sequel to the best-selling Cape Refuge First a dead stranger. Now a missing Police Chief. Did Chief Cade run off to elope . or has he met with foul play? The body in the morgue had no ID.

Terri Blackstock The Gifted

The Gifted- Terri Blackstock - Similar to The Listener. 3 people are severely injured in an earthquake, miraculously healed, and given gifts of witnessing.

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90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Life & Death

River's Edge (Cape Refuge #3) by Terri Blackstock

River's Edge (Cape Refuge Series) by Terri Blackstock The man Lisa Jackson loved most may have betrayed her. Another used deception to manipulate her. But did one of them kill her?

Private Justice Vol. 1 by Terri Blackstock (1998, Paperback)

Private Justice Vol. 1 by Terri Blackstock (1998, Paperback)

Private Justice Vol. 1 by Terri Blackstock Paperback)

Bargain e-Book: Predator {by Terri Blackstock} ~ 1.99!!

Predator: A Novel by Terri Blackstock The murder of Krista Carmichael's fourteen-year-old sister by an online predator has shaken her faith and made her question God's justice and protection.

The Cape Refuge Series by Terri Blackstock

Southern Storm-Cape Refuge 2 in And Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Series)

the diary of mattie spenser - Google Search

Mid-Hudson Library System -- Prayers for sale / Sandra Dallas.

Presumption of Guilt (Sun Coast Chronicles Series #4)

Presumption of Guilt (Sun Coast Chronicles Series #4)

Presumption of Guilt (Sun Coast Chronicles Series book by Terri Blackstock

Private Justice (Newpointe 911, Book 1) [Paperback] by Terri Blackstock

How a Philosophy Professor Found Love in a Hidden Library

Private Justice (Newpointe 911 Series by Terri Blackstock. If you like suspense, thrillers or mysteries, you'll enjoy Blackstock!

Moonlighters: Truth Stained Lies by Terri Blackstock (2015, Paperback)

Truth-Stained Lies, The Moonlighter Series, Volume 1

Book 4 -- The whole Cape Refuge series is worth your time, if you like mysteries.

Book 4 Cafe Refuge series by Mississippi author Terri Blackstock

"For all who believe in the unseen comes this gift of Miracles--two stand-alone stories now together for the first time. You'll savor these stories from award-winning, best-selling author Terri Blackstock that reveal how thin the wall really is between heaven and earth. . .and how God remains a God of miracles even today."

Another great Terri Blackstock book :)

Blind Trust (Second Chances, Book 3) by Terri Blackstock http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000SF5AJS/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_U.cIvb0E76H38

Blind Trust (Second Chances, Book by Terri Blackstock…

"Truth Stained Lies" by Terri Blackstock ~ I had forgotten how quickly & thoroughly Terri Blackstock could draw me into her stories. Fully enjoyed this book.

"Truth Stained Lies" by Terri Blackstock One of her best books. I fully enjoyed this book.

Evidence of Mercy (Sun Coast Chronicles, 1) by Terri Blackstock

Evidence of Mercy (Sun Coast Chronicles Book of by Terri Blackstock - Great series. One of my favorite authors.