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The Big Question: Once you decide that raw milk is a priority for your family, how exactly do you acquire it? If you are like us, purchasing raw milk for human consumption is illegal in our state. In fact, Wyoming just barely starting officially “allowing” cowshare or goatshare programs. So unless we want to drive out …

Home Dairy 101: Cow vs. Goat

Goat: How to Decide on a Homestead Dairy Animal Many homesteaders who decide to raise livestock to supply milk for homemade dairy needs have to dec

Printed Mints - GroovyChocolate - Australian Made Personalised Chocolates

Printed Mints - GroovyChocolate - Australian Made Personalised Chocolates

21 Brilliant Benefits Of Beeswax! | One Good Thing By Jillee

21 Reasons You *Need* Beeswax In Your Home

Honey may be the most popular bee product, but beeswax comes in a close second. Find out how beeswax can make your body healthier, more energetic and more attractive.

These are just so pretty. Can use for any thing,example put home made bath salts in them,q tips etc

Pretty jars instead of a small gift bag - cute idea for a party favor.

If you send me one of these invitations I will be at your wedding NO MATTER WHAT!!

My wedding will have an open bar. In the words of a friend,"You're a bitch if you don't have an open bar at your wedding.