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(2) ‫رنگین کمان ایده (IDEA RAINBOW)‬

'pupcakes' instead of cupcakes, it just made me laugh! Brittany used to call cupcakes pupcakes!

Samoyeds are the best | Community Post: Samoyed Puppies Are The Best Things You Will See Today

Samoyed Puppies Are The Best Things You Will See Today

This Samoyed puppy can't get any cuter! Related: Cute Yorkie plays Patty-cake (video) Playful pug and his owner get slap happy (video) Rescue dog comes out of her shell after learning to play game (video)

And it was tasty.

Funny pictures about Christmas shaming. Oh, and cool pics about Christmas shaming. Also, Christmas shaming.

These pets think they are the Easter Bunny Happy Easter to you from Paws For Reaction and these super cute festive pets! Photo by.

My grandmother: "You'll eat'em if you're hungry enough!" LOL -- no he won't!

Funny pictures about I thought I was clear. Oh, and cool pics about I thought I was clear. Also, I thought I was clear.

Snow cat<these people have way to much time on their hands lol

Snow white cat…

Funny pictures about Snow white cat. Oh, and cool pics about Snow white cat. Also, Snow white cat.

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Do I really have to wear this?  Go to www.YourTravelVideos.com or just click on photo for home videos and much more on sites like this.

Dear Grandma, I love my new hat, it keeps my ears warm. Dear Grandpa, okay maybe not the best hat. Help me, please!

MEEP!  MEEP!...made me giggle

Funny signs for hall. What was that, Beaker? Bunson Honeydew is what? Good thing you made these handy flyers or no one would ever have known!

Ahhhh. Curling up with the bible, hot cup of tea and cats.  Let it rain, God is good!!!

25 Signs You're Addicted To Books

Plotting to kill you!  This is pretty much my cat Charmin's MO

Plotting to kill you!

"How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you" from TheOatmeal.I knew she was up to no good.