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Slideshows | National Review Online

Allen West ponders NSA records data mining. Here are his thoughts

Allen West Discusses “What are the priorities of the federal government?” with Brian Kilmeade - Allen West Republic

Mark Steyn:  Obamacare’s Hierarchy of Privilege...No one who favors the law wants to be bound by it | National Review Online10/21

Obamacare’s Hierarchy of Privilege

Mark Steyn: The Drift toward Despotism.Too many of our rulers and their enforcers reflexively see the citizenry as a threat

ONE OF THE BEST READS I HAVE SEEN ON THIS ADMINISTRATION FROM NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE. Is Obama Still President?  His cadences soar on, through scandal after fiasco after disaster.­

Is Obama Still President?

At minimum, Minnesotans are poised to lose their current health plan under Obamacare.

Slideshows | National Review Online


Nothing found for Sci Tech News Mozilla Chief Steps Down Amid Controversy

and shut the fuck up

and shut the fuck up

+Memo to the GOP: Become the Workers’ Party Republicans should seize the opportunity to set a jobs agenda. By Mona Charen2/7>>>>>>

Memo to the GOP: Become the Workers’ Party

Why John Derbyshire Hasn't Been Fired (Yet) - National Review columnist John Derbyshire doesn't write the most racist stuff on the Internet -- not even close! But Derbyshire does effectively demonstrate, year after year, exactly how racist you can be and still get published by people who consider themselves intellectuals. Derbyshire has shocked the internet -- even the conservative internet -- with an essay for Taki's Magazine

Exactly one week after a Florida jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of killing unarmed 17 year old Trayvon Martin demonstrators in more than 100 U S cities from Los Angeles to New York gathered outside federal courthouses on Saturday to press the Just