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Pantone 2955C - BBC Approved "TARDIS" blue    (yes, we Whovians really need to know these things!)

BBC-approved TARDIS blue is Pantone if being a DW geek wasn't bad enough for a graphic designer! lol Hmmm, maybe I should change the blue in my living room to official TARDIS blue.

Actors from Harry Potter in Doctor Who. Minus Barty Crouch Sr. who created the Cybermen in the alternate universe Rose was trapped in.

Updated Harry Potter/Doctor Who actors. (harry potter,doctor who) - Needs Barty Crouch Sr./ Creator of the Cybermen

I have to be honest, took me a second to figure it out

Oh, Jean Luc, that phone booth makes the Enterprise look weak. I love the Enterprise, but the Tardis wins hands down.


Every book is a TARDIS.I'm reading about the tardis (metttaaaa)

Tardis Blue numbers/coordinates | Doctor Who

In case you ever need to know the actual color of. - kimi who? Write down "Pantone and take it anywhere they mix paint. Using that code, they should be able to give you this exact color.

I've felt a million times smarter ever since I started watching Doctor Who...

Not sure if I suddenly understand quantum physics Or i've been watching too much doctor who Futurama Fry

Dr Who cuff

I found 'Steampunk Doctor Who Time Traveling Brass Cuff Bracelet' on Wish, check it out!