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Peach Paradise Shots

Take a shot of pure sunshine with our Peach Paradise Shots! Our Peach Paradise Shots are made with Alize Coco Peach, Viniq Peach, and Grenadine!

Strawberry Vodka Slush Recipe. It's the perfect summer cocktail! Sweet, fruity and really easy to make! I love making a huge batch and keeping it in the freezer all summer for parties!

Strawberry Vodka Slush

Strawberry Vodka Slush Recipe - it's the perfect summer cocktail! Sweet, fruity and above all easy to make! I love making a huge batch and keeping it in the freezer all summer.

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Chalkboard Print -Kitchen Art-Chalkboard Alcohol Beverage -Shots Menu-Bar-Shots Recipes-Drinks-Cocktails Recipes Print 8 x Ah Adam Richman if only we were together on new years eve

Rhubarb Mojito -This refreshing and simple rhubarb mojito recipe is made with 5 ingredients - rhubarb syrup, mint, lime, white rum and soda water. | recipesfromapantry.com.

Rhubarb mojito

Rhubarb Mojito- So goooood! Matt and Angela's Memorial weekend 2017 ~ MM

Get bubbly deliciousness with our Bubblegum Bottle Fizz Cocktail! Recipe? Click Here! http://www.tipsybartender.com/Bubblegum+Bottle+Fizz+Cocktail

Bubblegum Bottle Fizz Cocktail - TipsyBartender.com

ml) Blue Curacao oz. ml) Sweet N Sour oz. ml) Simple Syrup 1 oz. ml) Bubble Vodka Dash Grenadine (for color) Top With Sprite


Serving size is 1 glass 1 of Cherry Vodka of Blue Curacao of Strawberry Vodka oz Grenadine 2 oz Sprite Purple sanding sugar Lemon Cheshire Cat cocktail

Long Island Iced Tea is a popular summer drink and consists of many different spirits and is strong compared to similarly sized highball drinks as the alcohol to mixer ratio is higher. It gets its similar in both colour and taste to iced tea.

Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe