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All these pictures of little girls remind me of my daughter at this age. This was a pretty typical ballet class!

“The first wealth is health.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson-  why is it that RWE's quotes are so perfect for how you are feeling at the moment?

The first wealth is health - Ralph Waldo Emerson. You could have all the money in the world .

11 personajes de ficción que se escaparon de la pantalla y existen en la vida real

Look, What We Have Found! - "Carl", The Old Man From The Movie "UP" Exists In Real Life too! Here's Carl! Complete with his cartoon counterpart

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If a girl is stupid enough to love you after you broke her heart. I guarantee you, she is the one.

Things girls want from guys: 1)Good morning/goodnight texts. 2) Pictures taken together. 3) Surprises.

It's really pretty simple requests :)~ Show Love~ I want to kno I*m not only on Ur mind when U wake but the Special 1 U choose 2 wake up with & rest next to;)~make me smile & do things jus because. Sweet Surprises keep life interesting!


be brave & fearless to know that even if you make a bad decision, you're making it for a good reason.

If you're a woman and you claim this does not happen to you, you are simply lying through your teeth. This happens to EVERY. SINGLE. WOMAN.

this is what im going through- i have a HUGE walk-in closet full of clothes i NEVER wear, yet I can't seem to ever get rid of anything, or find anything to wear. I need to just throw away/donate EVERYTHING, and start from scratch!