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http://skreened.com/lifey/my-spirit-animal-is-a-sloth Disney Princesses as Sloths

If Disney Princesses Were Sloths...

one of my favorite Disney quotes ever

30 Day Disney Princess Challenge: Day Favorite quote: "Ladies don't start fights, but the can finish them". This is so true.

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The Emperor's New Grove, BAhAA my sister and I just recited this with a lot of emotion.

The Emperor's New Grove. I LOVE this movie. It is probably, if it isn't already, my favorite older Disney movie. I love Disney movies.

Shang and Mulan

Always loved him for that. He believes in her, and that's what makes him my favorite Disney guy.

I'm not your average girl! I prefer things like mickey balloons, mouse ear hats, dole whips and tea cup spins. For me, jewerly will not do!

Damsel In Distress

Hercules comes to Blu-ray™ + Digital HD for the first time on August probably the first disney character I had a crush on:) and maybe the only.

Hercules by =Citron--Vert on deviantART

Greeting Cards by CitronVert. Unique artwork for posting words of wisdom or decorating your wall, fridge or office.

People on Tumblr are the best! This needs to be a real song!

Too funny to ignore! I am seeing a spin-off disney movie? Mulan and Gaston join forces. some things would go down.