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Billie Piper as Rose in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

The 50 Things You Need To Know About The "Doctor Who" 50th Anniversary Special

Rose Tyler/Bad Wolf/Moment Rose from the Anniversary Day of the Doctor outfit breakdown

I am the Bad Wolf Art Print by Megan Lara | Society6 Rose Tyler. Doctor Who.

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The fact that of all the companions the moment chose Rose Tyler's form as the conscience...she will always be The Doctor's voice of reason

"The fact that of all the companions the moment chose Rose Tyler's form as the conscience.she will always be The Doctor's voice of reason" That sounds fun.

“I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words. I scatter them… in time, and space. A message to lead myself here.”  ~ This was probably one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who ever.

100 greatest Doctor Who moments ever. After reading, I have the compulsion to watch the entire series again!

Rode Tyler..... No,  Bad Wolf.

"Are you afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Doctor?" "I was never afraid of Bad Wolf. Just of losing her.">>>>I love this drawing! And Doctor Who.and Bad Wolf.and Rose Tyler.

pictures of Doctor Who bad wolf | Doctor Who background Bad Wolf + #ncoming Storm = The Stuff ... | Dr ...

The Doctor and Rose Tyler - The Oncoming Storm and the Bad Wolf

Raxicoricofallapatorius>>>Bad Wolf>>> Judoon platoon upon the moon>>>old sphere>>>two thousand years I waited.<<<are you my mummy?<<<Dalek<<pizza for torchwood<<<Dårlig Ulv Stranden<<<ALLONS-Y!!<<<GERONIMO<<<Rose Tyler I...<<No more!<<<bananas are good, drunken giraffe<<<"One day you could just walk by a fez" "Never gonna happen"<Lippy tappy too ta!

Bananas> Raxicoricofallapatorius> Don't blink> It goes ding!> Rose Tyler I.> Allons-y Alonso> Hello sweetie>TARDIS> Handles> Geronimo!

The moment everyone waited for. It passed to quickly, but I suppose that is how time works. The moments you wait for are the moments that pass the quickest.

One of the most amazing and heartbreaking moments. When she said "yeah, that's gonna happen" I totally took it as being sarcastic, but I didn't realize that she was ACTUALLY joking about how it was really going to happen.