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@brz1rbcc @merleheuchert @theresa2631 @brittanytoddy   THIS IS SO MESSED UP YET SO FUNNY
12 Funniest Fortune Cookies ever (funny fortune cookies, fortune cookies sayings) - ODDEE
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Chinese New Year #DIY fortune cookie favors. #EviteGatherings
Didn't expect my fortune cookie to be so insightful: no snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.
this would freak me out SOO badly... LOL this would be funny if you did this to every fortune cookies in a place, and record everyone's reactions!
That's one scary fortune cookie message!  ....from  15 Hilarious Fortune Cookies - Oddee.com
Free printable funny fortunes for fortune cookies. These are hilarious! They are also great for New Year's...
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