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Set your Kreg Jig® depth collar based on the thickness of your wood. For example, set it to if you are working with wood. Once you have it at the correct setting, tighten the depth collar with the included Allen wrench and you are good to go!

Pocket holes virtually disappear with a Pocket Hole Plug Cutter jig! Learn how to use this handy tool, take your furniture building to the next level and make your DIY projects look more professional.

DIY Plug Cutter Makes Pocket Holes Disappear [VIDEO]

Woodworking Tips & Techniques: Joinery - Why I Love My Biscuit Joiner

Wood filler without the mess.:

Wood Filler Technique Without The Sanding Mess . start by putting masking tape on your wood project and nail right through it. Apply wood filler with tape still attached, then remove tape for a clean finish.

Modify your Kreg Jig for easier use - add white paint so you can see measurements easier

To make the tiny engraved drill guide markings on a Kreg Jig easier to see, brush on white paint over the markings to get down into the grooves and then wipe excess off with a damp paper towel

Next project. Wood shelves with industrial piping. I'll distress the wood more.

bookcase with cedar wood, floor phalanges & black galvanized pipe. Thanks DIY HGTV! Added another level later too!

Build Adirondack Chairs - Outdoor Furniture Plans & Projects |

Build Adirondack Chairs - Outdoor Furniture Plans & Projects |