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(Video)| Imagine: Niall looking out at your Dad on your wedding day. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME IM GONNA CRY>>Click the video omg>>>crying >> WHY U DO DIS TO ME?!>>THIS.IS.ADORABLE.

Happy birthday to my leprechaun. I cried this morning because it feels like just yesterday you were trying out for the x-factor! I Love You Nialler James Horan!

Niall. This is why reality has ruined my life. This is so perfect and then you wake up from your one direction Hannah Montana life and realize it is never going to happen because I DON'T HAVE TICKETS!!

Does anyone want to RP this? Yeah I know I made a habbit of making imagines into Role-Plays but don't judge me.

So I read this one photo thing where it says,"In a way I'm glad BTR isn't as famous as 1D because it means we have more of a chance with them and they aren't as cocky as 1D." To those BTR fans, how is 1D cocky? You're just jealous that almost every girl loves them. Yeah, we Directioners are sad when they have girlfriends, but we're also happy for them. Next time, think before you speak.

I could sit here all night reading these.wait, you do sit here all night reading these! oh yeah!