GOTHIC POINT OF VIEW - Gothic — the term itself has an enigma surrounding it. Gothic art, Gothic architecture, Gothic literature — you name it! To the common mind, ‘Gothic’ may refer to something abstruse, even scary. However, what appears to be scary or simply ‘dark’ on the surface is an art form that requires a great deal of patience and creativity.

20 Chilling Examples of Gothic Photography

Jingna Zhang is an award-winning Chinese-Singaporean fashion photographer in New York City. Her work includes covers, fashion films, and editorials for VOGUE Japan, ELLE Singapore, and Harper's BAZAAR Vietnam.

Love it - Trash it (Trash the Dress)

What a great back drop for the in this Portraits Archives - Alextan Artworks - International Wedding Portrait Photographer

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Liliana Sanches Davis, aka Princess-of-Shadows, is a passionate artist from Portugal who creates wonder digital artwork with photo manipulation technique.

Stacey Shipp – Angelica Kotliar • Dark Beauty Magazine The beautiful work of Andy Colero make-up artist.

Photographer: Stacey Shipp - SS Photography Hair/Makeup: Andy Calero Model: Angelica Kotliar Loveeee this!

Beautiful Female Portraits by Andre Widjaja #inspiration #photography

Andre Widjaja is a journalist-turned-photographer currently based in Toronto, who focuses on couples, wedding and portrait photography.

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Amanda Diaz — photography - Amanda Diaz is a young and talented photographer from Canada. Her works are very creative and the romantic and dreamy mood you can feel in her photos is really inspiring and innovative.

Elena Molly Murgu FASHION The Life of An International Fashion Model Is A Glamorous Lie -- Trust Me, I Used to Be One :Elena Molly Murgu According to the media, models are happy, glamorous and successful. In my experience as a fashion model, this is certainly not the case. Elena Molly Murgu APRIL 2, 2015 TAGS: EATING DISORDERS, FASHION, BODY IMAGE, FASHION WEEK, SUPERMODELS, MODEL

Something in the darkness pulled me deeper Something in the madness eased my mind Was I awake or was I dreaming Cut the strings that bind me to mankind ~Candice Night~

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☫ A Veiled Tale ☫ wedding, artistic and couture veil inspiration - black lace