The Plaza Photo Shoot from Carmen Santorelli Photography

wedding cake. gold and white floral top. pale pink flowers 2nd tier. paisley and pearls bottom. burlap base on antique table.

gold and white floral top. paisley and pearls bottom. burlap base on antique table.

Preserve Your Wedding Cake And Eat It On Your Anniversary!

It was Christmas of 2011 when finally Nick proposed to his longtime love in front of the Christmas tree at Sarah’s parents’ house. "It was so special and meant the world to me.


love the pink sugar flowers, my future cake will have even more sugar flowers looser, less controlled, naturally sprinkled and tumbling all over the cake, and in all the colors of the pastel rainbow. with some sugar spring green leaves too maybe.

white and green wedding cake by vanilla bake shop

Rustic Pink Shabby Chic Wedding

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The most common wedding cakes designs are the ones which are liked by everybody. Enjoy some of the most amazing wedding cakes designs you may ever find.


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