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Im forever trying to catch a photo like this of the most beautiful and irritating birds on earth.
Would want this in black and white with banner that says "It Can't Rain All The Time"   but the crow would have to be straightened out
These 3 barn owl chicks are only days from fledging and have appeared at the entrance to their nest one evening patiently awaiting the return of a parent with a rodent dinner.
Ambiance- Daisy is talking about her life with Gatsby five years ago and says: "One autumn night five years ago, they had been walking down the street when the leaves were falling... the quiet lights in the houses were humming out into the darkness..." (Fitzgerald 110) In this scene you can picture where Daisy and Gatsby are and their surroundings.
agile kingfisher swiftly & stealthily swoops in on prey - master fisher!  absolutely superior photography!
Red Kite -- The Red Kite was saved from national extinction by one of the world's longest running protection programmes, and has now been successfully re-introduced to England and Scotland.   I like the shift from orange to green.
Talk about poetry in artform.... This is just beautiful!!
**so cool, love the Ireland one** Starling Murmurations, by Alain Delorme, 2013. This image is apparently a sculpture piece (what?) but the videos of murmurations in this link are amazing.
sergio larrain - Black and White Photography books of the year - Telegraph
Robin in the Snow. A Robin as it lands in the Snow in my garden. A picture of: Tyne & Wear, Gateshead
Birds of Prey - Snowy Owl in flight. What a beautiful sight. - photo by Studebaker Studio
:-) :-) :-)
Flying high: Back from the brink of extinction, the red kites are flourishing across Britain - Photo: Alamy Images
A Kingfisher Emerges From its Dive! (Photograph By: Alan McFadyen.)
Two goldfinches have a mid-air fight after struggling to get enough space on a bird feeder in a British back garden. Photographer Laurie Campbell snapped away from a hide in his garden for 30 hours to get a picture he was happy with. Laurie, from Berwick-on-Tweed, Northumberland, said: "It can take weeks for the goldfinches to find this bait but once they do, they are hooked."