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10 Simple Rules that Brought Me Financial Nirvana

This post was originally published on Safal Niveshak, and has been posted here for the benefit for the Rodinhooders.I was in Ahmedabad recently for my Art of Investing Workshop, and met a few youn

Curso grátis de Webdesigner

Curso grátis de Webdesigner

Imagine. Believe. Achieve – the winner takes it all!

Achieve – the winner takes it all!



Abs, Crunches, Abdominal Muscles, Fit Abs, Six Pack Abs


Big Data: What’s in it for Small Businesses?

5 Ways in which Big Data could Help your Small Business

How to Use Pinterest for Travel Planning  >>> great post about the best and easiest ways to use Pinterest when planning your travels. :)

How to use Pinterest for Travel Planning and Inspiration

Before your next trip, you can get educated and inspired about your future destination.

In the U.K., weekly sales of vinyl records exceeded those of digital downloads last week. Vinyl sales amounted for £2.4 million while downloads had £2.1 million in sales

Vinyl albums have out-sold digital downloads for the first time ever

It shows a significant shift in how people are consuming music

Diffbot Bests Google's Knowledge Graph To Feed The Need For Structured Data

Diffbot Bests Google's Knowledge Graph To Feed The Need For Structured Data

How Big Data is transforming companies, industries and governments.

JIDDA, Saudi Arabia — My father was on the phone from Australia, giving gravely voiced advice on preparing for the hajj, the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca.  “Have you paid the dentist?” he asked.  “He ruined my teeth!” I shrieked.  “No matter, Baba,” he said, using an Arabic endearment. “This is the hajj. You have to clear your debts, even if you don’t think they are fair.”

Hajj Prep: Search Soul, Buy Sturdy Shoes, Pay the Dentist

Diaa Hadid, a Times correspondent, is getting ready for her first hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca.

The 21-year-old building India's largest hotel network | BBC

The 21-year-old building India's largest hotel network

How Ritesh Agarwal has managed to build a hotel empire across India by just 21 years old.


This image released by the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, shows the 1796 oil painting of George Washington (The "Landsdowne" portrait) by Gilbert Stuart. (AP Photo/The National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution)

Black Swan_Mila Kunis black warm up_Image credit Fox

Black Swan: Interview with Darren Aronofsky