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The worlds fiercest guard dog, and progenitor of most of the worlds large dog breeds. The Tibetan Mastiff is pretty amazing and pretty scary at the same time!

Russian Caucasian Mountain Dog

Big Dog Breeds The Russian Caucasian Mountain Dog - If this dog doesn't scare intruders due to size alone nothing will. What a beauty

am I not the cutest, fluffiest, biggest and smallest love of your life??

Tibetan Mastiff puppy - Cute puppy of Tibetan Mastiff dog being huge looking like a bear. I want to hug this baby.

Holy Huge Dog!!   Caucasian. World's Largest Dog Breed. http://www.discount-dog-clothing.com/2011/01/the-worlds-largest-dog-dog-caucasian/

Russian Caucasian Mountain Dog -- hard to believe.Russian Caucasian Mountain Dog -- hard to believe.

Suyria and Roscoe - Best Friends
Check out www.suyriaandroscoe.com and read their story and check out more super cute pictures!

Suryia is a primate while Roscoe is a canine, yet the pair are proof that dogs aren't just man's best friend. And now the pals from Georgetown, South Carolina, have released a picture book of their friendship.

Chinese Tibetan Mastiffs

simply-canine: “Extreme breeding in Tibetan Mastiffs, aka why a Chinese zoo thought it could put a Tibetan Mastiff in a lion enclosure without anyone noticing something was amiss.

Tibetan Mastiff

All Wildlife Photographs: Tibetan Mastiff Dogs Latest Information And Pictures Mais

Tibetan Mastiff Dogs

Zima is now 13 weeks old, and as cute as ever Breed: Tibetan Mastiff Pedigree name: Buggy od Dolanského Jezu

What a beautiful dog. This is a Red Tibetan Mastiff. Value $5000. Unless you own it, then priceless.

Watch the video of a world's most expensive dog breed - Red Tibetan Mastiff which is tall as donkey and powerful as the lion, the real king of a forest.

Tibeten Mastiff, one of the most expensive dogs on earth :)

Source:Wildlife and Nature Pictures Tibetan Mastiff - the most expensive dog in the world. The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient breed and type of domestic dog originating with nomadic cultures of Central Asia Unruly and raging photo~Powerful!

One of the most protective dog breeds is a Tibetan Mastiff. This breed is famous for not liking anyone else except his family. Originally kept inside during the day and then turned out at night, they are quite well-mannered inside, though extremely independent and not to be trusted off leash outside unless confined (www.akc.org).

Mouse - Tibetan Mastiff Dog, the most expensive dogs in the world. Foo dogs were originally based on them.