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Me- embracing my inner curls! Letting it all hang out

Me- embracing my inner curls! Letting it all hang out

Tall N Curly - Threatened Haha too funny! But seriously this is what happens when someone doing my hair pulls out a brush lol

Only use soft boar bristle brushes to smooth hair for updos or, if your texture can handle it without breakage, a detangling brush on damp hair with slippery product. ------ Tall N Curly - Threatened

I don't really consider this a problem.  It's just kind of funny to me.


Know the ABCs of curly hair for the best locks of your LIFE. | 14 Charts Anyone Who Sucks At Hair Will Appreciate

Know the ABCs of curly hair for the best locks of your LIFE.

The ABC's of Curly Hair! Master the basics of curly hair care with this infographic showing the ABCs of Curly Hair. For curly hair freaks like me I really needed this ✊

hahaha so true... never in my life actually. curly hair problems

That's just a curl hair problem! Who knew lol my hair is straight and I have this issue

Learn it. Fake bitches.

Hilarious #HairProblems

Stop calling obviously curled hair "curly"- it's not! I look up curly hair cuts and most are straight hair with "waves" put in them. So obnoxious for girls with true curly hair!

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I wish I could just brush my hair and go. Not wet it, then product it and have to always leave the house with wet hair- the struggle is real!

Every time someone says this to me I just want to reach out and touch them


If I only had a dime for every time someone has asked me why I don't wear my hair down. straight-haired people just don't get it!

♔ @blessedprincesa  http://gurlrandomizer.tumblr.com/post/157387787697/hairstyle-ideas-i-love-this-hairdo-facebook

Short Black Hairstyles for Round Faces – Black short hairstyle for round face not only for black people, only they are representing their nation’s hairstyles from which they are known in other.

Dear non-mixed people,  Don't, I repeat don't, give me hair advice!


it's probably raining outside, which then of course means the time spent straightening all this hair was, in fact, POINTLESS. and you now resemble a drowned, curly rat.

I hear this multiple times a week with Addie's hair! Do people really think I would curl her hair that perfectly everyday!!!

We love to see curly hair around us. We don’t understand the curl-magic behind it. Perhaps, one must find unusual ways to STOP people from touching them. But people just don’t listen!

YES!! This is my problem... and then I always wonder if a different brand would work better. Turns out, they all suck!