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Google presenta Hangouts Chat y Hangouts Meet, sus herramientas de comunicación… #HerramientasWeb #ComunicaciónEmpresarial #empresas

“It’s hard for me to meet a startup that doesn’t throw in the word ‘AI’ to describe themselves,” said Jake Flomenberg.

110411_1f_5.jpg 720×480 ピクセル

110411_1f_5.jpg 720×480 ピクセル

Nuclear Experts Explain Worst-Case Scenario at Fukushima Power Plant

The type of accident occurring now in Japan derives from a loss of off-site AC power and then a subsequent failure of emergency power on-site. Engineers there are racing to restore AC power to prevent a core meltdown

Fukushima I Nuclear Accident

The world's worst nuclear power disasters - Power Technology

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Posts about Mobile Phones written by Raymond Thomas Pronk

Are you prepared for a cross country move? Learn what to expect and read some tips on how to make your move less chaotic.

What to Expect When Moving Across Country

Best money saving tips for the week include: how to save money on groceries, personal finance for college grads, saving money while dining out, and credit card spending tips.

Science Nonfiction - Exploiring the new possible  Formerly "from quarks to quasars"

Science Nonfiction - Exploiring the new possible Formerly "from quarks to quasars"

The Chief Security Officer at Facebook admits to buying passwords from hackers selling them on the deep web, hoping to remain one step ahead in cyber secu

Password Fortifier When Rhonda Childress was changing her password for what felt like the gazillionth time, she questioned why really strong passwords should expire the same time as a weak one.

so all them come from silicon valley gotta visit

The technology industry is growing at a faster rate. Almost all aspects of our lives are gradually depending on it. But as we continue to digitize our lives with the latest technological gadgets, we should bear in mind that it comes at a cost that …

DeepBach: harmonization in the style of Bach generated using deep learning - YouTube

Deep-Learning Machine Listens to Bach, Then Writes Its Own Music in the Same Style

Atlassian's Bitbucket integration for Trello.

Atlassian launches Trello integrations for Bitbucket, Confluence, HipChat, Jira

Atlassian's Bitbucket integration for Trello.

Truly Advanced Manufacturing

AI, VR and printing are among the hottest areas in technology today.

To solve that issue, and potentially an even larger issue, design student Kristof Retezár recently developed the Fontus, a device that uses solar power to convert air moisture into drinkable water for your water bottle.

The Fontus Water Bottle Re-Fills By Collecting Moisture in the Air