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Dracula (1931)

Actor: That is Bela Lugosi, the man who defined Dracula for entire generations beginning in Carradine also famously played Dracula. Schreck starred in 'Nosferatu' the precursor to Hollywood Dracula films.

Dracula, Lugosi

Dracula, Lugosi

Bela Lugosi - Dracula

Dracula can't see his own reflection in the mirror because he is a reflection of the culture around him. Vampire expert Eric Nuzum explains how depictions of Transylvania's most famous son vary widely from the Victorian era to the Cold War.

Bela Lugosi, taking a break between scenes on the set of Dracula.

dadsamoviecritic: “ Bela Lugosi enjoying a cigar on the set of the 1931 Horror Classic ‘Dracula’ ”