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A 69 year old woman with cutaneous horn growing from her forehead, it's current length the result of 20 years of growth. These are clinical photographs taken before the horn's surgical removal.

SELF-DISSECTIONS BY DANNY QUIRK                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Self-Dissections by Danny Quirk

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Brains sculpture - From the "Anatomie des Vanités" exhibit at the Erasmus House in Brussels, Belgium.

Mutter Museum in Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square neighborhood offers a vast collection of medical and anatomical oddities.

The Mütter Museum Hosts A Sleepover Party With Flashlight Tours, A Movie Screening, Drinks And More, November

Frederik Ruysch (1638-1731): Anatomical Artist, Museologist

Ruysch's anatomical curiosities Specimens in glass jars


Von Hagens

Cadaver 3 Artist: Gunther Von Hagens a controversial German anatomist who invented the plastination technique to preserve specimens and is heavily involved in its promotion. He developed the Body Worlds exhibition of human bodies and body parts.

Anatomical corset print

No wonder they had fainting couches. The effects of corsetry, vintage medical illustration. There was no need of "removing ribs" when a corset was worn from childhood.