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These DIY emoji craft ideas will help you expand your creativity.

Rachel Bilson Long Center Part

Spotted: eos Holiday 2014 Limited Edition Rachel Roy Lip Balm Set (NEW FLAVORS Pink grapefruit , strawberry kiwi , and orange blossom )

All the eos available today, except for Vanilla Bean. Hurry if you want the four Rachel Roy flavours, very soon theyll disappear, maybe for good!

EOS-1 DISNEY COLLECTION-1...I have tryed at least 5-6 if these iip blams... I find that these lipbalms start to mold inside the lid before you are half way through them. They are all natural ingredients and I love the packaging...won't repurchase again uness they can improve this problem =(

Watermelon from the Alice in Wonderland collection I love the Mickey mouse ear seal

Create an eos lip balm flavors shaped like fruits! this eos tutorial features eos strawberry sorbet, eos lemon drop and eos pomegranate raspberry.

Easy too all you need is an eos, some baking clay (polymer clay) foil, cocktail stick (toothpick), superglue glue), pin and permanent markers there's a little video on how to do it here

EOS Lip Balm- love these!! They are organic and work great! Ive heard the lemon one and the sweet mint one smell good.$2.99

EOS Lip Balm- love these! They are organic and work great! I've heard the lemon one and the sweet mint one smell good.

10 emoji-inspired DIY projects you can actually do

10 emoji inspired DIY projects that will put a winking smile on your face

Adorably and trendy DIY projects inspired by emoji, like a heart-eyes, smiley face clutch.

CANDY EOS: Pineapple, Pizza & Flower | DIY EOS Lip Balm

This tutorial shows you how to make EOS lip balm out of gummy bears and chocolate with 3 designs: pizza, pineapple, and flower. Check out my other EOS design.