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Zodiaco Otaku © - Donde vivirian los signos #wattpad #de-todo

Zodiaco Otaku © - Donde vivirian los signos #wattpad #de-todo

If that's a pick up like just like 'You know BTS?' Then I want to marry him <<< i don’t need a pickup line to marry him

Reakcje BTS

Funny tumblr post

Wattpad: OMG so here's this donut and it loves my OC this cupcake and they'll love happily ever after and have babies in an x-rated lemon DA- I'm drawing this really amazing donut! (Or fetish art of a donut)

I’m literally TaeTae! That’s how I drink water from my water bottle when I’m to lazy to hold it 😂

✘ memes

I love it more because they use a picture of one of my favorite T.V shows, Rizzoli & Isles

Miraculous Ladybug Memes

Imagine miraculous ladybug, Chat Noir, and adrien agreste

I own none of these they go to their respected owners


i fucking love this, but the horse would be the red or blue lion

#wattpad #fanfiction ❝I can't risk falling in love.❞ [Punk!Phil and Pastel!Dan] Dan runs a macaroon shop and desperately tries to deny his infatuation with the cute owner of a tattoo shop down the street. //this was my first fanfic and is extremely cringy, proceed with caution//

BREATHLESS [phan] - e

Read e from the story BREATHLESS [phan] by ADRENALlNE (˗ˏˋ bluejay ˊˎ˗) with reads.

#wattpad #random The sequel to A Court of Pain & Feels. Includes angry rants, ridiculously inappropriate, laugh out loud inside jokes, Nessian sexual tension, one shots, the one & only original Daily Programming Good for Nothing Tools, & more! Warning: if you still aren't caught up with either of Sarah J. Maas's A...

A Court of Baes & Feels - Pictures Pt. 3

Which super hero is your guardian angel. I got iron man!

Which Superhero Is Your Guardian Angel?

Tony Stark - I love this scene so much. Nobody could've brought Tony Stark to life like RDJ has.


I’m torn between being really proud and extremely ashamed Either way, I’d trust them with the fate of modern civilization (original meme here and here)