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Crushed Beetroot with Garlic Yoghurt

Delicious yoghurt recipes from FAGE. Our recipe section contains numerous recipes with yoghurt. So, browse and learn exactly how cooking with yoghurt will enhance

Raspberry cream cheese coffee cake

Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake – all flavors you love, you’ll get here in every bite: moist and buttery cake, creamy cheesecake filling, juicy raspberries and crunchy streusel topping.

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Spicy Chicken Fried Rice

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Life-Changing Vegan Cheese Sauce

Make for broccoli cheddar stuffed potatoes. Can freeze left overs but tasted better fresh. If freezing & reheating: add nutritional yeast & blend.

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Persimmon Butter (Stove Top + Sous Vide Versions)

"Persimmon Butter:: slather it on toast or stir it into oatmeal or yogurt. It also makes a fine addition to a cheese plate!

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Pasta/Noode Recipes - Get the recipe for FAGE Total Greek Yogurt macaroni and cheese.The FAGE Total Greek Yogurt in this dish adds extra creaminess!

Tarta de Brócoli, Queso Feta y Nueces

Tarta de Brócoli, Queso Feta y Nueces

Feta, Broccoli Walnut Tart : to make corn free do not use the feta that is crumbled, it may have corn in it to stop the caking.

Penne With Wild Mushrooms and FAGE Total® - A simple supper or chill for a lunchbox treat.

FAGE Total's Penne With Wild Mushrooms. I think I will replace the pasta with spaghetti squash

Cranberry, Brie, and Prosciutto Grilled Cheese

Cranberry, Brie, and Prosciutto Grilled Cheese

Κάρι με Ρεβύθια & Ντομάτα

Κάρι με Ρεβύθια & Ντομάτα

20 minutes
∙ Serves 2
  • 150 γρ. γιαούρτι TOTAL 2%
  • 25ml σπορέλαιο
  • 1 μικρό κρεμμύδι, κομμένο σε κυβάκια
  • 2 σκελίδες σκόρδο, λιωμένες
  • 1 κ.σ. [πάστα κάρι μαντράς]
  • 2 φλιτζάνια ρεβύθια, στραγγισμένα
  • 200ml ντομάτα σε κονσέρβα, ψιλοκομμένη
  • 200ml ζωμό λαχανικών
  • Μισό ματσάκι κόλιανδρο, χοντροκομμένο

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