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Artwork by Andre Martins de Barros. - Neatorama

BIBLE BRAINPOWER QUESTION 387 While walking out of the temple in Jerusalem with Jesus, his disciples marveled at the construction of the temple. What comment did Jesus then make concerning that temple? (Fill in the blanks) “And.

by André Martins de Barros

Le libraire ("The Bookseller") - oil on canvas by Andre Martins de Barros

More Optical Illusions To Test Your Perception | Empathic Perspectives

More Optical Illusions To Test Your Perception

"L'erudit (The Learned Man)" / André Martins de Barros (b.



Oleg Shuplyak is a great oil painter from Ukraine whose art is simplistic yet cleverly uses people and the environment to create an illusion, mainly being a portrait. Though Oleg studied architectu...

T hese Incredible optical illusions oil paintings by ukrainian artist Oleg shuplyak He's a master of illusion in his amazi.