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I like when I don't have to be careful what I say. That's when your know you're with the right people.

I believe that if you want something with all your heart, you get it.

Vivien Leigh as Miss Scarlett from Gone with the Wind. My favorite actress ever!

Parenting and Discipline - Being Consistent is the Key

Art Parenting and Discipline - Being Consistent is the Key great-parenting-stuff

Loesje - Als je me zoekt...

Loesje - Als je me zoekt.If you need me I'm over the moon.

I don't think this will work, so don't try it lmao

LMAO, some how I don't think this is going to work esp. not with a state trooper!

#ENFPs are one of the least judgemental types, and when we harness our Te, we can become formidable thinkers.

" Thinking is Difficult, that's Why most people Judge.

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Mark Twain's Top 10 Best Life Hacks #marktwain #lifehacks #lifequotes #marktwainquotes

Bizwaremagic's helpful Endurance Quotes for inspiration and encouragement.


The unconditional love you will have with your children is priceless.

Foto van mij

Foto van mij