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Self Portraits by Noell S. Oszvald #photography

Self Portraits by Noell S. Oszval A very cool effect adding the transparent veil to the woman like a confining layer of some intangible nature.

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candentia: “ Kate Moss in ‘Snow White’ Photographer: Nick Knight Jacket: Lanvin F/W i-D Pre-Fall 2010 ”

Diane lane ok shes old but still really pretty when i get old im looking like that!

is one of my favorites. Got to check her evolution out. Recently she repressed her sassy sexy look for a more mature stable script. Last I saw her in was the Superman movie. Check her movie and do some research on the New Yorker.

I used to dream of having an underwater house and being able to breathe underwater so I could live in it like a mermaid.

Water on the Lens by Pinewood Studio

i used to have dreams about rooms filling up with water so i could swim. sometimes the dreams would cause the rooms to turn into zero-gravity chambers and i got to fly everywhere.

Ponies are for Pussies. what a badass kid. Ity" laci: d ABE TY? Pussies Ponies are for Pussies what a badass kid Ity" laci: d ABE TY?