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We should continue to foster this mentality because we are capable of everything we just stop believing

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Wisdom Quotes about Life from Tree: Advice from a tree: Stand tall and proud. Go out on a limb. Remember your roots. Drink plenty of water. Be content with your natural beauty. Enjoy the view.

Do you feel like someone is using the "wrong" bathroom?  Please don't: -Stare at them -Challenge them -Insult them -Do not purposefully make them uncomfortable.  Instead, please: -Respect their privacy -Respect their identity -Carry on with your day -Protect them from harm  They are using the facilities they feel safe in. Please do not take this right away from them.  Trans* & gender questioning students... You have every right to be here: -In this facility -In this university -In this world

This should be in every school, shop, hotels etc. It's really not effecting you personally

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I've been wanting to share this poem with you for ages but I couldn't find  the source.  I hunted high and low to try and find the elusive e.h but had no luck and  then yesterday I miraculously came across her place and now I'm so happy to  share Erin's beautiful words which should be dedicated to all our daughters  and so it is.  Erin Hanson I salute you fine lady.   ::source::

a poem for our daughters

To a beautiful soul by the name of Erin Hanson, whoever you may be. thank you for reminding me just how much I love poetry in its purest form!

Love this- every one of my children fits in one of those steps as a starting point for a new topic.

Funny pictures about One step at a time. Oh, and cool pics about One step at a time. Also, One step at a time.

Mothers Heart Is A Special Place Mom Quote Sticker Art Vinyl Wall Decal 12X12

Whether they are near or far from home! Mothers Heart Is A Special Place Mom Quote Sticker Art Vinyl Wall Decal

we sooooo used this at THMS BEFORE it was on pinterest! classroom+organization | Classroom Organization / .

THINK Poster - prevent gossip in your classroom! maybe I should tattoo this on my forehead so people will see it before they speak to me