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We stayed up all night Saturday night playing Monopoly. You were born the next day!

Funny pictures about Monopoly in a nutshell. Oh, and cool pics about Monopoly in a nutshell. Also, Monopoly in a nutshell.

I am the real MVP!

to my friend that let me use their Netflix account to catch up with Doctor Who (you know who you are): thank you.<< this is so Kyle

HAHA! So true!

Yeah, I'm a stay-at-home mom. Go ahead, ask me what I do all day. I dare you.

This game is something students really enjoy playing and is a great way to teach vocabulary and adjective/nouns.

Apples to Apples Party Game Box

Rock'em Sock'em Robots ~ Who else LOVED these???

Adaptations in a Rock ’em Sock ’em World

My eyes watered at some of these. Soo Funny! Seriously doubled over trying not to wake my husband up laughing so hard! I have a Iphone so I KNOW!!!

I very rarely read these but iI was laughing so hard I have tears rolling down my face! Pardon the language, but these were some of the funniest autocorrects I've seen!

'ana' had a field day last year at the end of the school year.

Hula Hoop Marathon game (like Musical Chairs)

I memorized every single picture with the color of each game piece, but for whatever reason I cannot remember what the box looks like. I'm assuming this is the Memory game I played as a kid. I remember the red card had an apple, yellow had a lightbulb and a schoolbus, etc. I used to beat EVERYBODY at this game to the point where no one would play with me minus one of my brother's friends. He beat me one time and I refused to play with him anymore. What a sore loser, I am.

The Memory Game. Great resource for impulse control and communication.

Coma Carne

Funny pictures about How can you be a vegetarian? Oh, and cool pics about How can you be a vegetarian? Also, How can you be a vegetarian?

:) i seiously always thought of Yoda when reading that book! i always wondered why they "copied how Yoda talks"

A kindred spirit yoda finds in sam i am Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Off the mark