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The Good German by Joseph Kanon
B&T TS360 - Defectors
Leaving Berlin: A Novel http://themarketplacespot.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/514mnOHRD0L-200x200.jpg   The acclaimed author of The Good German "deftly captures the ambience" (The New York Times Book Review) of postwar East Berlin in his "thought-provoking, pulse-pounding" (Wall Street Journal) New York Times bestseller-a sweeping spy thriller about a city caught between political idealism and the harsh realities of Soviet occupation.  Berlin, 1948. Almost four years after
In the excellent Ken Follett thriller called Eye of the Needle, a German spy (code-named Needle, and played by Donald Sutherland in the movie) has photos of the fake army amassed on the English coastline, a hoax designed to make the Germans think the invasion would take place at Calais. The German spy has to get the photos back to headquarters in Berlin, so he can blow the whistle before the invasion begins.
A stunning debut novel of a young American woman who becomes a spy in Paris during World War II.   May 1940. Fleeing a glamorous Manhattan life built on lies, Claire Harris arrives in Paris with a romantic vision of starting anew. But she didn’t anticipate the sight of Nazi soldiers marching under the Arc de Triomphe. Her plans smashed by the German occupation, the once- privileged socialite’s only option is to take a job in a flower shop under the tutelage of a sophisticated Parisian…
A great spanish mini-TV series—with good music—to watch in future. Biggest premier in spain in last 8 years. Drama-thriller genre based on one of the most read spanish novels in recent times. Follows a woman who goes from spain to Morocco...ends up as couture designers of wives of German Nazi officers ... also starts working for British Govt. and spying.
Istanbul Passage by Joseph Kanon. From the acclaimed, bestselling author of "Stardust," "The Good German," and "Los Alamos"--a gripping tale of an American undercover agent in 1945 Istanbul who descends into the murky cat-and-mouse world of compromise and betrayal.
"Night of Flames of World War II": This is a gritty "spy" novel set during World War II beginning in 1939 during the invasion of Poland by the Nazis. The main protagonists Anna and Jan Kopernik are separated by war and face near misses with the wrath of the Germans. This is a fast-paced novel that pushed through the front lines and skulks in the shadows of the resistance, detailing the lives of ordinary citizens who rise up to reclaim their homeland and their dignity in the face of…