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Ideas for what to write on thinkmarks during Reading Workshop.

Middle School Teacher to Literacy Coach: Grade Anchor Charts.reminds me how much I loved teaching middle school!


How Each Of The 50 US States Got Their Names.when I was a kid my dad made up stories on how the states got their names.

https://flic.kr/p/E4HkU5 | JacquelineWoodson-7

https://flic.kr/p/E4HkU5 | JacquelineWoodson-7

If you're a YA reader looking into adult books or an adult looking to try YA, check out this "crossover" guide for a recommendation on where to start!

The Book Addict's "GUIDE" to "Crossover" Books!

Hesitant to get into YA? Or do you love YA books and want to dip into Adult? Check out The Book Addict's "Guide" to "CROSSOVER" books to bridge the gap between YA and Adult!