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Mary Jane Kelly´s Bed Peace

The Five Known Victims of Jack the Ripper (Caution - Some pictures are graphic and gruesome)Victim Mary Kelly Body Found November 1888

In 1705, Margorie McCall died & was buried after a LONG wake. That night, grave robbers exhumed her. They attempted to cut her finger off to remove a ring but while cutting into her finger, Marge woke up & they bounced. She got out of the coffin & walked home.She knocked on the door just as her family gathered at her home.  Deep in grief, her hubby said “if your mother were still alive, I’d swear that was her knock.” He opened the door & she was there, very much alive. He fainted dead away.

The grave of Margorie McCall (who was buried alive in 1705 dug out in time and then reburied after her actual death sometime later). Her grave states "Lived Once Buried Twice.

15 Terrifying Things Children Said To Their Babysitters. These Gave Me Chills.

15 Terrifying Things Children Said To Their Babysitters. These Gave Me Chills.

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This is a post on Facebook from a Ryan Stockton.. I have never seen this photo before. Why isn't this the most famous photo from 9/11 instead of the falling man? Isn't 2 people holding hands more significant that 1 man? It makes me think were they friends or lovers? Or strangers that was too scared to jump alone? It shows people need a help in hand even in there final moments. < they are powerful words

Two people holding hands after jumping. I wonder what the story is behind this photo. Were they friends or lovers? Or just two strangers who were too scared to jump alone? It shows that people need a helping hand even in their final moments.

Police photograph of the murder scene of Mary Jane Kelly, the 5th canonical victim of Jack the Ripper.

Jack the Ripper Photo Archive - Mary Jane Kelly/Mary Jane Kelly, crime scene photo number 1

Wyatt Earp on his 75th birthday

Wyatt at home on August at age The last surviving Earp brother and the last surviving participant of the Gunfight at the O. Corral, Wyatt Earp died at home in the Earps' small apartment at 4004 W Street, in Los Angeles, on January 1929 at the age of

Austwitz. Terwijl de joden vervold werden en na. Het lijkt heel gaotisch, maar eigenlijk hadden de duitsers een hele goede methode om de joden te registeren. Ze schreven nummers op de armen van de mensen, zodat er niemand onopgemerkt kan ontsnappen

In pictures: Auschwitz-Birkenau, then and now. A new publication by the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Poland shows photographs taken in the extermination camp during World War II alongside pictures of the same locations today.