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A Catholic Rose

A Catholic Rose

matthew kelly quotes - Bing Images

matthew kelly quotes - Bing Images

Matthew Kelly

Since we are human, trusting can often be difficult.

this is so hard.

No matter what, we know by faith that God is true to his word. If you seek him, you will find him, even if he is found in ways that are difficult to understand or very different than you anticipated.

Just as we exercise to keep our bodies strong, we must find ways to deny ourselves so that our character does not become weak. One day, our character will be challenged - how will yours measure up?  Dynamiccatholic.com #MatthewKelly #TheNarrowPath

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It seems you may have been immersed in comfort for too long and it has made you soft. Find small ways to deny yourself each day so that your character may remain firm.

Bucket. Faucet. Grace

Think of your soul as a bucket.

Matthew Kelly

You judge other people by their words and actions, but you judge yourself by your intentions.

Daily Examination

Daily Inspiration Straight to Your Inbox

Daily examination reveals that we often choose a-lesser-version-of-ourselves. Daily examination clarifies our need for God's grace and mercy.

Life is not about getting what you want.

The Cardinal Virtues lay the groundwork for a life full of virtue.

Be Catholic.

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Share Dynamic Catholic with your friends! Ransom the Captive

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Most Protestants have some serious misconceptions about Catholicism. Here, I flesh out some common misconceptions and how I realized I was wrong.

Matthew Kelly

Our lives change when our habits change. For a Christian prayer is a foundational habit. If you will take ten minutes a day to sit in a quiet, empty church, all things will become clear in time.