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natureac:  This blog will make you feel at peace


My favorite animal ever. And how cute is this, a mama bear and 3 cubs. Like me and my babies:)

Signs of Christmas

Photograph Winter wonderland by Pim Leijen on Such a cute fox, enjoying the snow like a cutie!

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(11+) Dogs that Look Like Wolves

best photos and pictures ideas about northern inuit dogs - dogs that look like wolves

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska  Oh, we cannot forget Another one of God's many creatures the Gorgeous Polar Bear!~@

Polar bear, Ursus maritimus, young bear travels across newly formed pack ice during fall freeze up, off the 1002 area of the Arctic National.

Arctic white fox cub

bracoveredmicstand: “ i’m doing a project on arctic foxes in my animal management lesson. they have to be in my top 10 favourite animals. look how beautiful they are!

Time 4 Kindergarten: All About Polar Bears

All About Polar Bears

Tigress with half-grown cubs, on the alert for dangers, what a good mama. <3  It always looks so crazy to me, seeing tigers in snow! Even crazier than seeing them in water... :)

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