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I can sleep anywhere but this seems amazing

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Just because that is a picture of One Direction sleeping on a trampoline! (: But in also going to sleep on a trampoline!


ASL From Switched at Birth I know some! ^^ BUT: learn fluent sign language

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it would be awesome to see peoples reactions in person to something like this. i used to love to dance.i would dance around my house & everywhere else all the time when i was little.

maybe this summer at the beach, get coffee and go to one of the bigger ones rather than just on the dock

Bucket list: Watch the sunrise at the beach. I've only ever seen the sunset, never the sunrise.

✔️ Wanna go back! --> This is my top traveling choice! I wanna go!

Vacation/FOT in Italy: visit Rome, eat authentic Italian food, go to the beaches, etc.

Go on a road trip to Canada

Already did the Vancouver B. Must do a real Canada road trip and see Toronto, Calgary, Montreal - so many Canadian cities to visit!

The stuff I've always seriously dreamed of & must do before I die!

Buy and swim in a false mermaid fin / Ive always dreamed about being a mermaid .

Bucket list

This looks like the submarine at Disneyland! Most people have no idea what riding in a real submarine is like.

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Before I die Bucket list Bucket-list Jump off a waterfall

Tricia & I used to sleep outside on her trampoline. This would be fun

My daughter had a summer party & used half-priced blow-up pools as waterbeds in our big pool!--a terrifying but clever idea.