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7 deadly sins in The Odyssey

7 Years with Calypso,7 Deadly Sins


they don’t happen as often as they should. And whose fault is that?well, you fill in this blank! As I was thinking about how poorly we apologize to each othe…


I am married. For almost 33 years…. to the same person. But don’t worry – all that really matters, is that I know he loves…

create and post a FANTASTIC book Review for only $5.00

Draw anything you like

With the fall in prices for trad published books, the indie Kindle goldrush may be over, so Cate Bau

Great content is not easy to achieve but Scott provides 3 steps to writing great content: (1) Point: state your main point; (2) Prove: give an example or scenario and (3) Perform: tell readers/listeners how they can learn from the proof and make it happen for themselves.

create website that converts daily news pictures into abstract oil/watercolor paintings, then include a compelling quote.

Five tech trends that will change the web in 2013 #trends #digital

Want to know what the next step is in your PCOS management? Here are some suggestions. You can do this and manage your PCOS!

Go away. I have a deadline. by pookel

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