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Pull out hehe

Babies R Us & Toys R Us ad telling people to pull out and save doesn't seem like it would be good for business but at least they are honest.

Practice Safe Sex, use the condom stapled to this card!!!  Wow people real smart... I hope no one really uses these!

Please practice SAFE SEX and use the condom stapled to this card. Should the people who made this really be giving advice.

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You just went full raptor...never go full raptor

Have you ever been kicked so hard you went full velociraptor? For some reason I can't stop laughing every time I see the picture in my mind. Had to share.

Get a six Pack abs in Seconds lol

Funny pictures about Ab enhancer. Oh, and cool pics about Ab enhancer. Also, Ab enhancer photos.

Ironically located at St. Peter's. I love when architecture has a sense of humor, intentional or not!

Funny pictures about Never mess with an architect. Oh, and cool pics about Never mess with an architect. Also, Never mess with an architect.

40 things that will make you feel old - HOLY SHIT - friends kids ages! :/

things that will make you feel old" I legitimately am sad.I remember most of these things so well from my childhood.

this is hilarious ahahahaha nicki minaj and lil wayne !!!!!

Kids Lil Wayne Nicki Minaj Worst Halloween Costume Bad Halloween Costumes for kids for adults inappropriate wtf worst tattoos bad tattoos awkward family photos funny costumes funny halloween family

Get Well little Raccoon

Get Well Soon Dead raccoon roadkill on side of the road with a Get Well Soon balloon. Funny, and yet a little sad.