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Jail Door; a fabulous addition to your sand tray miniature selection

a fabulous addition to your sand tray miniature selection

Wood Treasure Chest for sandplay

A miniature metal tub for sand tray therapy.

Water Well and Bucket

Water Well and Bucket – Sand Tray Therapy

12 figurines indiens Powhatan

love the little fire and bear skin hide

Sandplay Miniature Basic Starter Kit, New Version! Two tents, bridge, and more durable

Over eighty pieces to get started in sand tray therapy. Items including small tents, nature, wood family, and more to represent the world economically.

Premium Portable Sand Tray Starter Kit. 160+ miniatures, trays to sort them, duffel to tote them. Sand included! Death, mythical, spiritual, family, we've got it covered

Over 160 miniatures, sand, duffel bag, and a small sand tray are included Incredibly practical and mobile, the perfect sand tray kit for home-based therapist.

Many $1 miniatures for starting sand tray therapy on a budget, like this colorful fence

One colorful fence segment for sand tray therapy. Fence is joined together by wire and is bendable. Fence is in length and 1 in height.