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I think people just haven't completely grasped the concept that sirius black is the biggest drama queen of all time.

I'm a Gryffinclaw, and when I leave a heated argument, I want to slam the door so bad, but I don't because later I'll get in trouble for chipping the paint XD

How to tell Gryffindor and Slytherin apart. i am total slytherin<<seriously? I'm a gryffindor

19 Really Funny Harry Potter Posts That You Maybe Haven't Seen Yet

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This very important life advice. 19 Really Funny Harry Potter Posts That You Maybe Haven't Seen Yet

I just read this part of the book 3 chapters ago :( If there were no bad words this would be perfect.

Harry Potter feels:( I'm not gonna be able to read that part in the same way again ='(< I've always thought about the things about Molly, but never the post about Sirius X'(

Haha! I wish the characters had been like the characters in the book. Some, like Umbridge, were good in the movies, but they could have done better with some of the others.

Harry Potter: The Boy Who Sassed. (Don't get me wrong, movie Harry was good too.just not as good as book Harry!) I remember reading this as well


So 15 years ago this happened. Community Post: 21 Reasons "Harry Potter" Has The Most Dedicated Fandom Ever