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Dreaming big at Hachiko statue, Tokyo

Funny pictures about Dreaming big. Oh, and cool pics about Dreaming big. Also, Dreaming big.

Hachiko 1923-1934. Body on display.

Hachiko Body on display.

Hi, everyone...

Happy face – The little puppy wants someone to play with it. How can you not smile at his happy face?


Animals are part of your happy life. You cannot hold your laugh for sure when viewing these lovely and funny pictures. These animals can bring happiness and joy

The dog Hachiko, the Akita breed - what inspired the movie 'Hachi' - is considered a hero in Japan His story is exciting: even 10 years after the death of its owner, Hidesaburo Ueno, the dog was still waiting for him in train station, with the hope that he would come back from work. In the 30s, the newspaper Asahi Shimbun reported the daily ritual dog and thus he became famous throughout the country.

The amazing dog Hachiko and the statue erected in his honor. He met his master at the train station everyday. then the owner died, & the dog still met the train everyday, waiting for his owner for years!