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The Tale Unbound Loyalty- Hachikō, a Dog Who Waited for 9 Years for His Master's Return - Unbelievable Facts

Hachikō, a golden brown Akita dog waited for his owner for nine years at a station after his own.


Not every person knows how to love a dog.but ever dog knows how to love a person. So True!


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How To Have Fun With Your Pet

How To Have Fun With Your Pet

Dramatic "Play Dead" dog

Dramatic "Play Dead" dog

Humorous GIF of a dog dramatically playing dead to another dogs bite, after a few seconds he stand up and runs away.


Dolphin gives dogs a close encounter – When making new friends at sea is an amazing experience. This is a memory to cherish for the dogs and the dolphin.

Hachiko was an Akita dog born on a farm near the city of Ōdate in 1923, and is honored in Japan for his remarkable loyalty to his owner, even many years after his owner's death.

A Lesson in Eternal Friendship & Loyalty: Hachiko with his former owner widow Yaeko Ueno and station staff in February (She moved away after her husband died.) He was became famous after his story was in the newspaper.