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Competition - Distinction Fitness and Education - provider of personal trainer courses and fitness instructor courses - are running their first competition to help boost their fan page.

Competition – 100 ‘Likes’ for a Personal Trainer Prize

Most adults dont exercise - Information for students on personal trainer training courses.  We would like to hear your views on strategies for overcoming some of the barriers to exercise.

Most adults don’t exercise enough

Train yourself to argue with yourself when you’re making excuses. The main enemy of motivation are excuses. Always know how to get yourself out of making excuses by learning to identify the first signs of excuses and knowing how to rebut your own excuses.

Personal Trainer Training

The Importance of Hydration

Personal Trainer Training - Learning Aid - Get involved - The Sports Client

The Sports Client – Part 1, Getting Involved

Get Involved - One of the only recipe websites where YOU can submit recipes right on the site itself.

Personal Trainer Training – Exercise and Appetite

Personal Trainer Training – Exercise and Appetite

Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin - TIME Magazine. This is the answer to the prayer of anyone who has struggled with the exercise roller coaster.

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Surf in the City Fitness: find out how you can surf in a landlocked city!

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Sales Progress offers a 90 day Sales Progress Coaching program for sales managers and sales leaders.