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Benedict for Screen Magazine(c) The only possible conclusion to making that face is because he really misses that hair cut.

Because you are about to break out into uncontrollable laughter!>> Sorry Couldn't, the house is a sleep. And if I did they would suddenly be awake and wanting to know everything!

Benedict making my day once again.

Ehehe just to clarify I APPRECIATE ORIGINAL STAR TREK IN ALL ITS GLORY NOT JUST THE NEW ONES BECAUSE OF HOT ACTORS........this is supposed to be a joke people.....relax about it

Every time someone mentions Star Trek Into Darkness I reply with, "Benedict Cumberbatch!

AT LAST - THE BENEDICT PHOTOBOMB VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

This could be the best thing I've ever watched.You Can Now Watch A Video Of The Benedict Cumberbatch Oscars Photobomb, And It's Set To "Jaws" Music

Benedict Cumberbatch #faces #men #man #fascinating #photography #foto #gezicht #boenderpint

Benedict Cumberbatch on how he ended up buying seven pairs of socks when he meant to buy some shirts instead. - You, sir, are my hero. I literally do this all of the time. I just love a great pair of socks!

I volunteer!

Oh I definitely volunteer!

Benedict Cumberbatch collage 2  Made by @ellabella_47

Benedict Cumberbatch collage 2 Made by

Ben's face! And that comment! OMG!!!!! I can't breathe...holy poop I have abs now ahhhh

holy crap I have abs now ahhhh

Benedict Cumberbatch - Top Gear (GIF)...~ What a great moment in TG history :)

"movie punching" Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear (GIF).

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! i laughed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard at that!

Dying << We got another case, Sherlock!

Look out! Moriarty is right behind you...and he looks to be up to some mischief!

where is his hand going?


What “The Flintstones” shows up about Hollywood

cumberbomb another angle - photobomb

Benedict Cumberbatch

benedictdaily: “ Benedict Cumberbatch photographed by Chris Buck for The New York Times (x) ”

Benedict on how Martin affects his performance

They are a team, we would not be able to fully understand Sherlock without his interactions with Watson. It is the human in Watson that draws out the humane in Sherlock- T

He ( Sherlock) has two normal... fucking amazing parents.  Benedict Cumberbatch. lol!

I always swear when I talk about my mother, too, Ben lol

The Cumberbunny

happy Easter (a day early) -with love, the Easter Benny