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JD flipping the bird #Korn

Im feeling EXACTLY the same thing JD. *flips a double middle finger salute* F.

I miss listening to Korn...Jonathan Davis has a tramp stamp, but I love him, so its ok

Jonathan Davis has a Korn tramp stamp. haha, but I love korn, so its ok

After 20 years, still one of the greatest.

Jonathan Davis is part of an elite group of songwriters that has inspired me for over twenty years and continues to do so.

JD Korn, my future ex husband :)

POP QUIZ: Jonathan Davis of Korn

OK so maybe not truly Conservative but definitely fed up with the current administration, Jonathan Davis from Korn

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis: whether rockin ass in a kilt or adidas tracksuit, this fucker rocked my world. Played Life is Peachy every day in the car on the way to school.